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Learn how RightOpt, our integrated health exchange, reduces cost and empowers members to improve their health.

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The health of your business is dependent upon the health of your workforce. That’s why we created RightOpt, a single private health insurance exchange platform that addresses the varying health-related needs of your members and reduces health care spend and trend.

We know organizations look to private exchanges to achieve a variety of goals. RightOpt can help you:

  • Reduce costs – now and into the future. Employers benefit directly from our volume-based contracting coupled with provider discount optimization, saving you an average of 6.5% on total health care spend – with no cost-shifting to employees.
  • Simplify administration. RightOpt offers you a single provider to manage administration, member engagement, vendor relationships, compliance, data and more.
  • Retain strategic control over your benefit program. RightOpt lets you choose a plan design from our portfolio that best fits your culture and population needs and gives you the toolset you need to accelerate well-being strategies.
  • Remain self-funded. On average, self-funded plans cost an organization 8% less than fully-insured plans. With RightOpt, you can retain the cost-effective strategy of your self-funded plans.
  • Support well-being to impact productivity. RightOpt uses a holistic approach focused on helping members to choose the right plans at time of enrollment, use those plans effectively throughout the year, and work to maintain or improve their health.
  • Meet ACA compliance and reporting requirements. RightOpt offers a portfolio of plan designs that meet ACA requirements.

Insurance brokerage services are delivered through Conduent HR Consulting, LLC. All insurance policies are underwritten and issued by various third party insurance companies, for which Conduent HR Consulting, LLC (registered in certain states as Conduent Insurance Services, LLC), a licensed insurance agency, could act as an appointed producer, subject to applicable terms.

Featured Private Health Insurance Exchange Solutions

RightOpt – Active Solution

We know it’s important to offer a benefit program that resonates with your employees and fits the culture of your organization. Eligible active employees will have access to group health plans offered through our preferred partner strategy, and members will be allowed to choose preferred plan options at enrollment, use those options effectively throughout the year, and work to improve or maintain their health over time. Learn more about RightOpt for active employees ›

RightOpt – Retiree Solution

We created the RightOpt retiree solution for your employees and retirees – before and after they become Medicare-eligible. Our customized solutions help them through the transition from group health plans to the individual market. Learn more about our RightOpt retiree solution ›

RightOpt Solutions

  • Full Time/Benefit-Eligible Active Employees
  • Part Time/Non-Benefit-Eligible Active Employees
  • Pre-65 Retirees
  • Medicare-Eligible Retirees