Claims and Administration Automation

Comprehensive services to expedite claim intake and reporting, accelerate data extraction and pre-processing of claims, pre-authorizations, medical bills, enrollments, and related documents

Claims and Administration Automation

The leading edge of claims processing automation

With the rising cost of claims and the complexity of claims management, claims operations are under constant pressure to lower operating costs, eliminate siloed functions and reduce the volume of duplicative data across their claims processes.

For 30+ years, we’ve worked with health plans, commercial insurers and third-party administrators to streamline their enrollments, claims intake, bill review, policy management and underwriting processes through intelligent automation.

Claims Processed Annually
95% STP
at Field Level using Conduent Intelligent Process Automation
reduction in time to process

Getting claims management right starts with good data

We provide end-to-end services for the intake, capture, classification, extraction and dissemination of mission-critical paper or electronic documents and data for insurance claims management — accelerating key processes while reducing processing costs. We customize our data extraction and review efforts to align with each client’s unique requirements and ensure seamless integration with your claims administration and medical bill review platforms.

  • Highly automated

    Customize workflows driven by document recognition that exceeds 99% accuracy

  • Cost Savings

    Utilize a shared service model that accommodates changing mail patterns

  • Business continuity

    Enhance security with 24/7 facilities and fully mirrored data centers with fail-over capabilities

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