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Medical Information Services

Medical Information is gaining increased prominence in decision-making — both for customers who have questions about pharmaceutical products and services, and within pharma organizations as a driver in business strategy, innovation and expanding ways to connect with customers. And with the rapid advancement of technology and expansive availability of information, pharma customers (consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and sales representatives) are demanding more from Medical Information services.

Our global medical information network navigates operational intricacies in over 130 countries — with extensive experience delivering:

  • Country/region-specific regulatory compliance

  • Cost efficiency

  • Digital transformation

Rapid deployment

Medical Information

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Additional complementary MI support

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Our tenured clinical staff supports communication with providers and key opinion leaders.
Their expertise is bolstered by:

  • Advanced scientific training
  • Deep therapeutic area knowledge
  • PharmD staff members
  • Medical response documents
  • Global capabilities
  • High quality standards and a patient-centric approach

Consumer Health Solutions

Coupling deep experience in healthcare with regulatory process expertise, our experts deliver a consumer-centric approach to inquiry management. We support our clients with:

  • Inbound consumer, patient and HCP calls for non-prescription products
  • Non-prescription health-related product inquiries, including medical devices
  • Inbound scripted engagements including crisis management campaigns and direct-to-consumer advertising

Our specialized expertise building complex, multi-faceted programs helps establish strong and productive relationships and create a seamless experience for consumers. Learn more.

Analytics and Insights

Real-time dashboards and reports help us identify and measure operational and program success indicators. Using advanced analytics, our teams improve segmentation, targeting, call planning, resource allocation and program effectiveness — proactively enhancing patient and HCP communications along the way.

  • Segmentation responsiveness – Gain a view into how patients and HCPs are engaging to effectively drive results.
  • Optimal engagement – Deepen insights about preferences and prescribing behaviors to optimize impact via virtual, automated, live or hybrid channels
  • Propensity score matching – Use test/control programs to improve and optimize targeting effectiveness.

Clinical Trial Solutions

We work with pharma and contract research organizations to facilitate patient recruitment, screening, scheduling and investigator site support. Our education and retention programs ensure patients have all the information and support they need to remain in the study. Our ability to identify patient populations by zip code and disease state enables us to improve speed and efficiency during the recruitment process. Learn more.

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