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In today’s always-on, consumer-driven world, positive customer experiences are critical for any organization’s survival. In fact, most customers will leave a brand they were loyal to after just two bad experiences. That’s why we make it our mission to provide exceptional customer contact services that help your organization stand apart with every interaction.

Flexible technology, deep experience and proven results

Reduce costs, scale with demand and grow revenue with personalized, end-user experiences that speed resolution and customer satisfaction. We offer a full range of multi-lingual omnichannel customer contact services that support the entire customer lifecycle. Through a powerful integration of people, process and technology, we provide quality contact services that act as a natural extension of your brand, both digitally and in person.


The Evolving Customer Contact Center

This eBook presents 5 operational imperatives you should consider right now, as you work to build the ultimate customer experience.

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Conduent CXNow: Cloud Call Center Solutions

Whether you are looking to protect your existing contact center investments, supplement technology components or enable a full cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) ecosystem, our flexible technology coupled with our people and processes scale at the pace of your business.

Our Conduent CXNow solution is designed to scale with speed and agility by combining our talent practices, workforce management processes, operational experience and account management approach with the latest cloud based digital technologies.

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Customer Experience Management

Multichannel Customer Services

With the acceleration of technology, automation and personalization, customer experience approaches are evolving fast. Customers demand real-time, seamless interactions across their channel of choice and want the flexibility when connecting with a brand throughout their customer journey.  Through an agile technology approach we meet customer needs with omnichannel solutions that deliver an empathetic and orchestrated customer experience at every touchpoint through voice, email, live chat, chatbot, social media or virtual agent capabilities.

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Customer Interaction Services

Every customer interaction in their journey is an opportunity to create value and build brand loyalty. We deliver exceptional customer experiences across all aspects of that journey through human-centric capabilities powered by best-in-class flexible technology.  Our global solutions encompass sales, customer care and support, 1st party collections and loyalty management directly linked to business outcomes that reduce costs while driving revenue growth, loyalty and customer lifetime value. 

Social Media Services

Relationships between companies and customers are often built on engagement across interactive channels and platforms. Social media enables businesses to connect with existing customer to a business helping to connect with existing customers, attract new customers, capture feedback, increase revenue and build customer loyalty. Combining the intelligence and compassion of multi-skilled specialists coupled with advanced technology, Conduent’s social media services provide listening, monitoring, engagement and content moderation capabilities to help businesses understand sentiment, resolve issues, and establish deeper connections with customers and brand communities.

CX Analytics

Delivering intelligent, empathetic and personalized interactions requires businesses to understand, unify and utilize customer data to uncover actionable insights. Conduent’s CX Analytics solutions deliver meaningful outcomes to clients by leveraging state of the art AI & Machine learning technology to provide key insights into customer interactions and experiences.  Through call, text, sentiment and predictive analytics, businesses to identify key trends and drivers of performance improvement opportunities,  humanize customer experiences, optimize agent/center performance and anticipate and resolve issues.

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Work-at-Home Solutions

In today’s environment, demand for Work-at-Home solutions has increased exponentially — while nothing has changed about customers’ expectations to receive exceptional, human centric, omnichannel experiences, with zero business disruption. At Conduent, we understand the connection between employee experience and customer experience – and the tools, methodologies, and processes that enable high-performance cultures, agility and savings. That’s why it’s important to have a good customer contact service.

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Elevate your customer experience with our customer contact services

Customer contact service refers to the process of a customer reaching out to a company’s customer support team to seek assistance, resolve issues, or make inquiries related to that company’s products or services.

Customer service representatives are trained to address your customer concerns, answer questions, provide product information, handle complaints, and offer solutions to ensure a positive customer experience.

At Conduent, we take customer contact services a step further using a unique combination of people, process and technology. By leveraging the latest in AI and automation to seamlessly blend digital and human elements, we’re able to help companies scale support, with personalized interactions delivered in real-time, around the clock.

Customer experience is showcased in swift, responsive support

Anytime a customer contacts a company’s support team to inquire about a product, a prompt response addressing the customer’s concerns and helpful, friendly assistance to resolve the issue are of utmost importance. Conduent helps level-up your customer experience game with skilled people, proven processes and next-gen technology.

The importance of customer contact excellence

To foster ongoing loyalty and lasting relationships, customers need easy ways to contact the organizations and brands they choose to associate with, tailored to their individual preferences. Customers contact organizations for many reasons, including solving an issue, asking a question or spreading brand advocacy. Good customer contact services enable a direct communication line between a company and its customers across multiple channels such as chat, phone, email or social media any day or time of the week. With technology like automation, a company can supplement live support to handle more volume and increase overall customer satisfaction. This interaction allows businesses to create and maintain customer relationships which drives retention and advocacy.

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