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Wherever your organization is at on its transformation journey, you need a stable foundation that fuels innovation and empowers your workforce. Amidst constant change and increasing complexities with remote and hybrid teams, our HR payroll system software ensures this critical business function runs efficiently with every paycheck and for every employee.

No matter what your challenges are, we’ll meet you where you are with flexible, responsive HR payroll solutions designed with your employees at the center – helping your organization get fully equipped for today and build resilience for tomorrow.

Excel into the dynamic future of HR

We’re a transformation partner, optimizing how HR services are delivered, innovating new, digital ways of working and positioning your organization for resilience and growth, with a successful track record supporting some of the most complex organizations in the world.

  • Flexible, scalable, global delivery capabilities

  • Strategic innovation expertise

  • Deep domain experience

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What is HR and payroll software?

HR and payroll software refers to a type of technology solution designed to streamline and automate various human resources and payroll tasks. It typically includes features for managing employee data, attendance tracking, timekeeping, benefits administration, payroll processing and compliance with labor laws.

Not all BPO companies or HR platforms are the same. Organizations looking to enhance their HR and payroll software should considering a BPO partner with a system that is flexible, scalable and customizable to meet the organization’s specific needs now and in the future.

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Conduent wraps our global model, integrated tools and methodologies around a client’s underlying SaaS applications to consolidate operations, standardize processes and add visibility and governance to end to end payroll administration across:

  • Pay process management (all data inputs and validations, payroll results and output)
  • Employee / service center support
  • Data management process automation
  • Global payroll reporting
  • Collaboration on the best payroll calculation platforms and approach

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What is a cloud based HRIS?

A cloud-based HRIS (human resource information system) refers to an HR software solution that is accessed and operates primarily through the internet or “cloud.” It allows businesses to store, manage, and access employee data, HR processes, and other HR-related tasks from anywhere and at any time using a web-based interface. Cloud-based HRIS provides flexibility, scalability and ease of use compared to traditional on-premises software.