Child Support Solutions
from Conduent,
featuring ExpertPay®

Child support enforcement services operate under so many constraints – tight budgets, limited resources, resistance to change, and slowing growth. How can you help as many families as possible? Work with us to find streamlined, smart child support administration solutions.

As a proven thought leader and trusted operations partner, we can help you:

  • Reduce cost and improve processes
  • Deliver reliable, efficient, secure payments to parents
  • Incorporate innovative solutions that get results
  • Leverage our team’s substantial subject matter expertise
  • Deploy the right tools to improve productivity
  • Focus on your core tasks

As a preferred partner to child support enforcement agencies nationwide, we deliver innovative services and solutions.

State Disbursement Unit (SDU) Solutions

Our comprehensive, full-service SDUs lead the industry in accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, always keeping the end goal in mind—getting funds to the children and families who need them. Processing more than a third of the nation’s child support payments every year, we deliver continuous improvement of payment and disbursement functions as well as many other associated services.

Child Support Account Validation

Families depend on fast, secure direct deposits from child support programs, but banking processes often require new deposit requests to “age” for up to 10 days before the first disbursement can be delivered. Conduent’s Child Support Account Validation streamlines this process and provides simple enrollment, same-day validation and faster delivery of funds for parents.

Child Support Front Office

Your state is unique—every front office is a little different. But everyone can benefit from a unified workflow approach that improves speed to outcome, automates routine tasks, and makes better use of your human resources.

Automated Child Support Enforcement Systems (CSES)

Modernizing and automating child support enforcement systems is an enormous challenge. We offer flexible solutions. Predictive analytics that guide caseworker actions, self-service functionality that empowers clients, modular solutions that address your specific needs—our systems support improving performance program-wide.

Child Support Payment Cards

Payment card and direct deposit programs now constitute 95 percent of all child support disbursements. Millions of cardholders nationwide benefit from our payment card programs. Access to funds and information is convenient and secure.

ExpertPay® from Conduent

America’s #1 child support payments platform handles billions of dollars in payments per year from employers, payroll processors and individuals. By making it easy to pay, we improve both compliance and efficiency, whether the payer is handling one obligation or hundreds. Employers can handle remittance for their employees across all 50 states, and individual parents can now use PayPal as a payment method to easily, securely meet their child support obligations with ExpertPay.

Child Support Imaging & Scanning

Paper is the least convenient and secure way to store or process information. Our imaging and scanning solutions convert unwieldy, limiting paper documents to secure, convenient, accurate and accessible data.

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