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Advance your healthcare mission

Health is defined in many ways — but ultimately, it hinges on how well systems function. From day-to-day operations and interactions to the quality, reach and effectiveness of services and capabilities, healthcare is shaped by all the systems affecting and enabling its delivery.

We help organizations across the healthcare spectrum break through challenges with innovative, technology-driven solutions to elevate performance, improve experiences and drive better outcomes.

Innovative, automated healthcare solutions

  • Reduce costs

    Transform your core operations — infuse automation, ignite efficiency, manage spend, drive productivity.

  • Engage stakeholders

    Improve coordination across disciplines, strengthen compliance, build trust with tailored interactions.

  • Advance health equity

    Identify key community issues and data-driven strategies to address health disparities and barriers to care.

Our healthcare industry clients represent:

top U.S. health insurers
top pharma companies

Expert services across the healthcare industry

Conduent is a trusted and recognized solutions partner in healthcare — delivering specialized expertise and innovative technology to improve efficiency and productivity, engagement, insights and outcomes, through healthcare solutions.

What are healthcare IT solutions?

Healthcare IT solutions involve the use of Information Technology to address challenges in the healthcare industry. This encompasses a wide range of technologies aiming to improve the overall efficiency, quality and coordination of healthcare services. For example, our Claims Administration Solution speeds the processing of complicated healthcare claims by utilizing a broad range of embedded automated tools, applying user-defined rules, workflows and document management tools to optimize the overall process.

What do healthcare management solutions provide?

Healthcare management solutions encompass various software and technologies designed to streamline organizational and administrative tasks in healthcare settings. These solutions typically include tools for appointment scheduling, billing and payment processing, data analytics, patient management, inventory and supply chain management such as our Healthcare Plan Administration services.

How can technology solve healthcare problems?

Technology can solve healthcare problems by providing efficient and effective solutions. Some ways technology can do this include automation, digitization and AI machine learning, which help speed processes, increase accessibility to data and reduce time-consuming, manual efforts. For example, our Payment Integrity services can seamlessly combine multiple data sources and apply analytics to recover overpayments faster with fewer errors.

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