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Gain financial control, optimize processes and drive savings

With today’s unprecedented pace of digital advancement, many finance organizations struggle to keep up. Transcending legacy environments and harnessing the power of next-gen technology and AI can be a daunting task, but it’s what we help finance, accounting and procurement teams do every day.

We are tech-agnostic, coupling the latest available technologies and with specialized finance industry expertise to help accounting and procurement teams optimize process efficiency and productivity and achieve breakthrough, transformational success across their finance operations.

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Delivering what we promise for clients across industries

Conduent is a trusted, reliable partner for finance, accounting and procurement services. Our broad expertise, capabilities and resources support clients around the world, with a specialized focus on the distinctive needs of the high-tech, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

“The Conduent team has been great to work with. They understand our objectives, our business and most importantly (they) are a reliable partner.”

-Treasurer, Fortune 500 company

Leverage our people, process and technology advantage

Outsourcing accounting and procurement processes to a skilled solutions partner can be a game changer. Our comprehensive finance, accounting and procurement solutions help boost efficiency, accuracy and savings across operations. Conduent processes 32M paper and 98M electronic invoices each year, 18M billing transactions and have $4.1B in client vendor spend under management.

Accounting and financial control services

Accounting and financial control refers to the process of monitoring and managing financial activities within an organization to ensure accuracy, compliance with regulations, and sound decision-making. It involves the implementation of policies, procedures, and practices that help maintain the financial integrity of the organization. For example, our Vendor Payments Solution helps consolidate various vendor payment methods into a single portal, where payments can be automated and sent instantly with a trackable record.

Benefits of outsourcing finance and accounting services

Companies choose to outsource finance and accounting for several reasons. Some of the key reasons include cost savings, access to specialized expertise, increased efficiency and accuracy, scalability and improved data security. By outsourcing these functions, organizations can reduce costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff, gain access to professionals with deep knowledge and experience in finance and accounting, streamline processes and ensure data confidentiality and protection.

Put our tailored services and technology to work to:

  • Transform and modernize finance and procurement operations
  • Maximize cash flow, transparency and financial control
  • Gain new financial insights through analytics
  • Reduce costs and optimize spend across multiple operations
  • Streamline, standardize, digitize and automate procurement processes
  • Access specialized global expertise and scalability
  • Enhance data security, manage risks, maintain compliance
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting
  • Overcome operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Drive faster, easier, more secure and personalized experiences

Covering the full spectrum of finance and procurement needs

We blend the right mix of human talent, best-in-breed automation, analytical insights and process oversight to prepare our clients for the future, making us a trusted asset to CFOs.

Conduent adds value for its automotive and manufacturing industry clients through strategic partnerships that help deliver innovative new offerings like Targeted Procurement Solutions and Digital Analytics as a Service. At Conduent, we believe in the power of synergies, leveraging shared strengths and expertise to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and unlock financial growth for our clients.

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