Finance, Accounting & Procurement Business Process Solutions

The digital revolution in finance has arrived, and the CFO of the future is capitalizing on it.

Our comprehensive finance and accounting business process outsourcing (BPO) helps our clients resolve numerous pain points across their financial operations. For example, many transactions still rely on intensive manual labor, wasting time and resources that could be applied more effectively. The volume and density of data that professionals need to process on a daily basis is outstripping their ability to manage with accuracy. As a result, many organizations risk noncompliance and have difficulty meeting their closing and reporting deadlines.

With our finance and accounting outsourcing capabilities, however, we have the solutions to streamline and optimize these and many other functions. Our finance and accounting services have helped our clients experience a 90% improvement in invoice processing turnaround. At Conduent, we process 89 million invoices each year for our client base, and end users have reported a 63% improvement in intercompany reconciliation with our help.

We take our client-centric approach very seriously.

  • Conduent Named a 2021 Supplier of the Year Winner by General Motors

    Conduent helps GM navigate through challenging times and delivers exceptional performance in Global Purchasing.

  • Excellent Customer Experience

    FA&P business group recognized in 2021 for its relentless focus customer satisfaction with a Net Promoter Score of 53.

  • We deliver what we promise. Listen to what our clients are saying…

    “The Conduent team has been great to work with. They understand our objectives, our business and most importantly (they) are a reliable partner”.

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