Retail and Consumer

People, process and technology to keep you ahead of changing customer needs

Meet your customers where they are

Consumers have more choice than ever. They are informed, resourceful and smart. The retailer that can help them find information or accomplish a goal the fastest, regardless of channel, stays top of mind. As transactions become increasingly digital, our business process services and dedicated support associates help retailers create connected customer journeys with a conversational approach to selling whether it’s onsite, on social, or in store. No matter where a customer sees your product, we will help you sell it.

  • Personalize engagement

    Create integrated experiences that drive loyalty and repeat business with communications tailored to individual customer preferences.

  • Scale operations

    Transform workflows and core operations with automation and direct-to-consumer pay-as-you-go services that make transactions faster and easier.

  • Inspire and retain employees

    Free up your agents to work on higher-value interactions with automated, self-serve options that enable 24/7 customer availability.

Retail and Consumer

of consumers plan to use a mix of both online and in-person shopping in the future
of consumers expect consistency and continuity from a brand across channels and devices
of consumers expect companies to remember who they are and their history

Solutions for the consumer retail industry

Conduent provides a full range of customer interaction services that act as a natural extension of your brand to help you anticipate a customer’s next move, optimize performance and grow your business at scale. Our workflow automation and omnichannel communication capabilities help increase overall customer satisfaction with actionable insights that help you thoughtfully engage wherever and whenever customers need to.

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