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Outside Submissions

Below is an explanation on how to submit an idea, suggestion, new concept or invention to Conduent.

Conduent welcomes your unsolicited ideas and suggestions. We are pleased to have the opportunity to review new inventions and/or patents. However, with our continuing research in many fields, our existing patents, and a steady flow of scientific information from many sources, it is possible that your submission may duplicate an idea we are already pursuing independently.

Therefore, we highly encourage you to PROTECT YOUR INTEREST before sending your submission to us. Please consult with your attorney to determine if your idea or suggestion should be protected by a copyright or patent. Having an issued patent or a published patent application describing your concept will help expedite the submission evaluation process.

By policy, Conduent requires that you complete our standard Non-Confidential Disclosure Agreement if your submission includes anything other than issued patents. This Agreement states clearly that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is created between the submitter and Conduent.

Conduent will only accept submissions in writing (which may include figures, pictures, drawings, or digital video or audio recordings). Conduent policy prohibits face-to-face meetings with submitters or their representatives in evaluating unsolicited submissions.

Conduent cannot, when replying to the submitter, reveal its own developments, whether current or completed, covered by patent application or otherwise. Conduent will consider submissions only so far as, in our judgment, they require consideration; we assume no obligation, implied or expressed, to provide any details about our evaluation of your submission. Often we will only indicate whether or not we have any further interest.

Download the Non-Confidential Disclosure Agreement from the Resources section and send a signed copy and any other materials to: