Automated Document Solutions

Streamlining operations, reducing costs and improving the quality of data using AI and intelligent process automation

Supercharge productivity with document automation and digitalization

Upwards of 400 hours per employee are wasted each year manually searching for and organizing paper documents. Conduent’s automated document solutions help you increase process efficiencies and reduce costs for your organization. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, we’re able to ingest, classify, extract and visualize important data –– even hand-written forms –– to enhance your workflows, security, compliance and productivity.

Exploring the power of automated document processing solutions

An automated document processing solution refers to a software or system that uses AI, machine learning, and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract, process and analyze data from various types of documents, such as invoices, forms, contracts and receipts. An automated document management system organizes, stores and retrieves electronic documents, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce paper clutter and streamline their document-centric processes. It typically includes features like document scanning, indexing, version control, document search and access control.

Enterprise document automation solutions from Conduent

Conduent delivers end-to-end services for the intake, data extraction and processing of mission-critical communications, both paper and digital, for businesses and governments.

What documents can be automated?

Almost any type of document can be automated, including claims, invoices, purchase orders, applications, healthcare records, legal contracts, tax forms, shipping documents and more. Digitizing and automating important information and data can help increase security and accessibility for your employees, no matter where they are located, geographically. This saves time and boosts efficiency for your daily operations.

Conduent’s automated document management services, powered by the latest AI and ML technologies, help our clients reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve the quality of their data.

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Global Document Processing Solutions

Our global network of service operations allows our clients to transform data automation, enhancing transparency, agility and efficiency. This enables enterprise digital transformation, providing information access wherever staff need it, increasing security and reducing cost.

Document Imaging Automation Facilities

Our secure intake facilities offer multichannel collection and OCR-enriched processing capabilities — from paper to EDI. Accomplished through rule-based data field extraction, including unstructured entries (handwriting, images) with consistent throughput accuracy. Multi-device upload capabilities enhance efficiency from any location, and at any time.

Intelligent Document Processing Automation

With an ML feedback loop and QA built into the OCR component of our automation platform, intelligent processing happens fast. This reduces conversion time while noticeably enhancing data capture accuracy. Ultimately, this equips our clients to accelerate their transformational business processes.

Intelligent Document Processing

The cutting-edge technologies powering the future of business

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Document management services for increased efficiency

Document management services refer to outsourced services delivered by a business process services provider to handle various aspects of document management, such as document scanning, data entry, indexing, archiving and retrieval. These services aim to help businesses efficiently and effectively manage their documents, both physically and electronically.

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