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Digital Integrated
Payments Hub

Bringing speed, security and savings
to the digital payment process.

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digital payments capabilities

Take payments from weeks to minutes

Consumers are driving a revolution in digital payments, pushing organizations across industries to adapt. For many, using a smartphone, watch or other device to send and receive payments is easy, convenient and more secure than slow, costly methods like mailing a check. Our Digital Payments Solutions enable your organization to eliminate disparate processes and paper with automated, direct payments and real-time tracking –– taking you from fund request to reconciliation in under four minutes.

Digital Payments Solutions from Conduent
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  • Faster payments

    Cut processing times from 10+ days to four minutes or less.

  • Lower costs

    Reduce costs up to 60% vs. mailing paper checks.

  • Improved security

    Pass data via a secure token. No bank info needed.

of consumers in the U.S. currently use digital payments across devices1.
of consumers believe digital payments are the most secure option over cash or paper checks 2.
of consumers say the type of payment options available influences what businesses they choose 3.

How it works

Our Digital Payments Solutions are enabled by the Digital Integrated Payments Hub, which uses simple APIs to seamlessly integrate your existing systems and processes into an ecosystem of payment methods and capabilities. This single point of integration gives you access to the latest in payment options, including the Real-Time Payments® Network, FedNow®, Zelle® and Paymode-X®.

We provide secure access to global, real-time presentment and payment capabilities, tracking the status of customer transactions from initiation to completion for enhanced transparency and certainty.

Why digital payments?

Traditional payment methods like paper checks can take days to process and increase the risk of fraud and escheatment. With our Digital Payments Solutions, you can disburse funds faster and safer using a secure token without collecting personal banking information. Our Engagement Center experts are also available 24/7 to field consumer inquiries for payments such as refunds, improving your operational efficiency by removing the need for any manual intervention for your organization.

Digital Payments Solutions

A better experience for your modern payment needs

Digital Disbursements (B2C): Rather than paper checks or credit cards, you can provide disbursements like refunds through our Digital Disbursements Solution. You can ensure funds are securely delivered to the right recipient in the shortest time possible, while saving up to 60% of your costs by eliminating checks.

Digital Vendor Payments (B2B): Most agencies and business make payments to vendors and suppliers through paper checks. Our Digital Vendor Payments Solution lets you make those payments digitally by connecting to the Paymode-X network of suppliers.

Digital Consumer Receivables (C2B): Whether you are a government agency collecting payments for receivables like tax payments, child support and tolling fees or simply a business collecting real estate payments, lease payoffs or insurance premiums, our Digital Consumer Receivables Solution facilitates the secure digital collection of those receivables. We enable faster recognition and reduce your processing costs associated with paper checks or credit cards.

Digital payment solutions

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1Payment Industry Intelligence, 80% of Consumers Now Use Digital Payments, 2022

2Onbe, Survey Reveals Strong Consumer Demand for Digital and New Payment Options, 2022

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