Maven® Integrated Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management Platform

Monitoring and protecting the everyday health of our communities

Maven® is an automated and comprehensive disease surveillance and outbreak management solution that securely and efficiently tracks, manages, and reports on the health status of individuals, communities, countries, and those exposed to communicable diseases.

Maven provides government agencies with a powerful platform to improve healthcare outcomes through actionable intelligence and robust case management. This long-standing, reliable technology facilitates timely and accurate collaboration across healthcare organizations and epidemiologists to contain the spread of diseases, manage contact tracing and better understand public health metrics. Maven is supported by a team of epidemiologists who help guide development and ensure that public health officials’ needs are expertly addressed with clinical interventions and solutions.

Proven, scalable, secure, and user-configurable

Maven streamlines complex processes, boosting organizational efficiency to monitor and protect the health and welfare of over 195 million individuals globally.

  • Configurable, disease-specific contact tracing
  • Case management for confirmed cases, suspects and contacts
  • Fully hosted SaaS solution on AWS, Azure or Conduent Cloud
  • Secure – NIST compliant, FedRAMP certified
  • HIPPA and ISO27001 compliant
  • Reporting in HL7 standards and ELR integration
  • Geocoding and GIS integration
  • Interoperability and data interchange via XML
  • Fully managed, continuously updated version, update and patch management
  • On-demand scalability to meet unforeseen spikes in volume
  • Full micro-service architecture for faster development and deployment
  • Base modules, pre-configured to stand up quickly to respond to emergent needs and reduce costs
  • User-configurable parameter modifications eliminate the need for source code changes
  • Multiple-layer user, role, and group-based security measures including LDAP, Active Directory and two-factor authentication support
  • Mobile browser compatibility for all standard browsers, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets

Data analytics and reporting

Maven has a full suite of embedded data standardization and analytics tools that seamlessly interface with government agencies’ systems and informatics. Maven provides users with a full set of data visualisation and geo-coding that utilizes network graphs and GIS tools to create geographic visualisations of cases and exposures for highly accurate and swift pinpointing of trending issues and outbreaks.

Maven's impact on public health

  • 50+

    Public health programs using Maven

  • 26

    Jurisdictions include International, U.S. States, cities and counties

  • 195M

    People are protected through Maven

  • 100

    Reportable conditions can be collected and managed using Maven

  • 20+

    Years as a trusted platform with proven outcomes and continuous development

Ready to speak with a Conduent expert to find the best solution for your community or health organization?

Ready to speak with a Conduent expert to find the best solution for your community or health organization?

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