Maven Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management System

Maven is a disease management platform used by public health officials, medical providers, epidemiologists and laboratories to provide support and share information during an outbreak crisis.

Managing any kind of viral outbreak requires the highest levels of visibility and coordination across all facets of a crisis to ensure prevention, protection and recovery for those at risk. Technology management is an integral weapon in the fight against a disease outbreak.

A market-leading disease surveillance and outbreak management system, Maven is essential for fast-moving, rapidly changing public health crises. It securely tracks patients infected with or exposed to dire communicable diseases such as Novel Coronavirus, Ebola, Zika, measles, tuberculosis, HIV/STDs and influenza.

Maven supports data sharing, integration and coordination among medical professionals on the front lines of communicable disease prevention and containment. It is scalable and easily configurable for changing technologies, protocols and geographic locations. This system also uses intuitive, integrated portals that allow multiple stakeholders to quickly record and share information.


What Is Disease Surveillance?

Maven features include:

  • Access for local public health administrators
  • Integrated electronic reporting
  • Automatic creation of a disease event when a case or laboratory report is received
  • Real-time event triage for state and local public health personnel
  • Contact tracing
  • Case management for confirmed cases, suspects and contacts
  • Electronic workflows and task assignments
  • No human intervention required

Maven also promotes contact tracing and proactive monitoring, which are essential for disease containment. Should a contact start to show symptoms, results are electronically tracked to minimize chances of continued disease spread. Cluster processing occurs through roster/manifest uploads.

Mass contact tracing and management features include:

  • Symptom monitoring
  • Quarantine monitoring
  • Risk/exposure assessment
  • Uploads of contact rosters, flight manifests and spreadsheets
  • Reporting, analysis of case and contact data information (including infection path diagram visualization)

The Maven Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management System helps health departments collect valuable data and make informed decisions to better protect the community against a wide variety of health crises. No interaction is too small when tracing infection exposures—every handshake matters. Medical detectives can leverage Maven for faster containment of diseases and to help stop outbreaks before they become epidemics.

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