Care Management

Triage medical needs, validate medical necessity and efficiently coordinate patient care throughout the path to recovery

Navigating the healthcare system can be daunting for those with new healthcare needs or a surprise workplace injury. Through our care management services, we help quickly evaluate care needs, guiding individuals toward high-value providers and care to expedite their health and recovery.

Casualty Claims Care Management Solutions

At Conduent we help insurers, managed care providers and employers reduce disability, facilitate return-to-work and lower claim costs with customized services for care management. Our clinical products and services for workers’ compensation and auto casualty include 24/7/365 nurse triage for workplace injuries and illnesses, claim reporting (FROI/FNOL), telephonic nurse case management, and URAC-accredited workers’ compensation utilization management.

When you partner with Conduent you’ll experience streamlined processes through fast and accurate care decision-making as well as faster recoveries and returns to work, lowering your total claims costs.

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Healthcare Payer Care Management

The key to successful care management begins with establishing rapport and trust with your members.

Only 25% of members see their health plan as a trusted partner in their health and wellness.

Our care management team works with health plans to uncover the ideal member touchpoints to use for care management engagements.  Through personalized, rapport-building outreach, we help influence desirable member behavior which leads to better outcomes for all. From assessing member healthcare needs to guiding them on their healthcare journey and coordinating care for complex cases, our skilled clinical teams help improve patient care and control medical costs.

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