Customer Experience Management Solutions (CXM)

Delivering human-centric, connected, omnichannel customer experiences, throughout the entire customer life cycle

Reimagine your customer experience
through the digital lens

CXM that delivers human-centric, connected, omnichannel customer experiences throughout the entire customer life cycle. Our industry-specific customer experience solutions ensure personalized, predictive, and tailored customer service across regions and languages.

We help you scale your operations, grow revenue and reduce costs, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Serving many Fortune 100 companies

Conduent is dedicated to creating exceptional customer engagement, accelerating the digital transformation across industries including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail and ecommerce, technology, telecom, media, travel, hospitality, logistics and utilities.

What are Customer Experience Management Solutions (CXM)?

Customer experience management solutions (CXM) are all about how customers interact with a brand across channels, industries and geographies, delivering the brand promise and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With over 25 years of experience, Conduent is a trusted customer experience management consulting partner to help you deliver on these objectives and more. We deeply understand your customers’ needs and work with you to design journeys that are simpler, faster, safer and more cost-effective.

CXM platforms optimize customer experiences

Typically, Customer Experience Management (CXM) platforms, also known as Customer Experience Management software, are technology solutions designed to help businesses effectively manage and optimize their customers’ experiences across various touchpoints.

At Conduent, we combine technology with dedicated associates and process expertise to facilitate the collection, analysis, and interpretation of customer data to understand their preferences, behaviors and feedback. By creating better experiences at every interaction, we create better outcomes for your business.

With Conduent,
you can count on:

  • Global reach

  • Rapid scale, meeting seasonal and demand fluctuations

  • Business continuity with work-at-home options

  • Breadth of solutions

  • Deep domain expertise across industries

  • Support for over 20 languages

  • Any-shore delivery models (24/7)

  • Long-term relationships with many Fortune 500 companies

Conduent Customer Experience Management (CXM) at-a-glance

CXM employees worldwide
technology partners
core languages supported

years of customer care experience
customer service interactions annually
delivery locations

Delivering better business outcomes

Conduent Customer Experience Management Solutions improves operational excellence and customer experience.

  • Transform communications

    30% reduction in call center inquiries

  • Reduce call time & volume

    33% reduction in headcount
    20% reduction in call handling time

  • Optimize print and mail

    10-25% additional cost savings

What are the four components of customer experience?

  • Perception: Customer perception refers to how customers perceive and interpret their interactions with a brand or business.
  • Emotion: Emotion plays a significant role in customer experience. It involves understanding and evoking emotions in customers throughout their journey with a brand.
  • Interaction: The interactions between customers and a business across various touchpoints are critical for shaping the overall experience. These interactions include website visits, social media engagement, customer support and any other points of engagement.
  • Expectations: Customer expectations are the standards customers set for the level of service and experience they anticipate from a brand. Today’s customers expect simplicity, consistency, and omnichannel choices for how to engage with brands.