Technology Innovation at Conduent

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Staying essential to your customers and end-users requires constant innovation

Technology evolution is constantly transforming the way people interact with the world — raising their expectations every day. Today’s end-users — customers, commuters, citizens, patients, employees — demand individualized, immediate and intelligent interactions in everything they do, creating an innovation imperative across all business and government sectors.

Put our technology platforms to work for your business

  • Automation

    Creating augmented or fully automated business processes to save time and resources.

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  • Mobility

    Leveraging the power of mobile for digital interactions wherever the customer is, whenever they want to engage.

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  • Analytics

    Harnessing data across value chains to gain insights that drive better business outcomes.

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  • Dara

    Conduent's AI Conversation Platform for more personalized and convenient experiences.

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  • Blockchain

    Enhancing the transparency, timeliness and traceability across ecosystems.

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At Conduent, innovation is part of our DNA. We work with our clients every day to help them transform their business through the power of our technology platforms combined with our strong partner eco-system. We work on behalf of our clients to manage data-intensive, repeatable, individualized interactions happening at massive scale.

At Conduent, we take a continuous innovation approach to use the latest in digital technologies to provide modern digital experiences and better outcomes for our clients and their end-users.

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Conduent’s Innovation Assessments & Insights (IA&I) methodology starts with a data driven assessment of your business by our experienced analysts. We’ll come into your organization, talk with your team, make observations and document existing processes. From there, we’ll create an action plan that addresses your greatest roadblocks to innovation and delivers a step-by-step roadmap to achieving transformative results.

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