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Technology Innovation
at Conduent

Generative AI

Discover how Conduent pioneers innovation to meet evolving customer and end-user needs

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, staying essential to your customers and end-users is paramount. At Conduent, we are at the forefront of innovation, constantly adapting to the needs of today’s customers, commuters, citizens, patients, and employees. Our solutions deliver smarter, more personalized engagements across industries and government sectors. Explore how Conduent is transforming experiences for the modern world and experience innovation that drives better outcomes for millions of people daily.

Put our technology platforms to work for your business


Harnessing data across value chains to gain insights that drive better business outcomes.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Utilizing traditional and generative AI to enhance performance, experience and value across our clients’ operations.

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Creating augmented or fully automated business processes to save time and resources.

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Digital payments

Bringing cost savings, speed and security to the digital payment process.

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Leveraging the power of mobile for digital interactions wherever the customer is, whenever they want to engage.

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At Conduent, innovation is in our DNA. Leveraging the latest in digital technology like automation, AI, and advanced analytics, along with the expertise of our talented team and robust partner network, we empower our clients to efficiently handle data-intensive, personalized interactions at massive scale. Discover how Conduent leads the way in transforming client operations with innovative solutions.

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Unlock innovation with Conduent’s Innovation Assessments & Insights (IA&I) methodology. Our data-driven approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of your business conducted by our experienced analysts. We’ll come into your organization, talk with your team, make observations and document existing processes. With those invaluable insights, we’ll develop a tailored action plan aimed at overcoming your greatest innovation challenges. You’ll receive a detailed roadmap for achieving transformative results step by step. Explore how Conduent’s IA&I methodology can propel your business forward.

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