Multichannel Communications

Reduce costs, drive efficiencies and create a seamless customer experience with end-to-end customer multichannel communications management

Reshaping the future of multichannel communications service

In today’s always-on, hyper-personalized, digitally connected world, organizations must constantly evaluate every touchpoint across the customer journey and identify new ways to deliver an integrated, personalized experience. Organizations continue to struggle with increasing operations costs, information in silos, lack of visibility into communication costs, and the need to reduce print and postage spend, that’s where our omnichannel solutions come in.

Bringing multichannel digital and print communications together

On behalf of business and governments, we deliver highly personalized multichannel communication services through both emerging and traditional channels, enabled by the latest advances in automation and our highly secure global operations, to reduce costs and drive efficiencies while creating a seamless customer experience.

Multichannel key features

  • Cost savings

    50-75% cost savings by transforming traditional communications to digital interactions

  • Efficiency

    60% improved efficiencies utilizing our CCM platform to provide a single view of all communications

  • Trust

    Over 3.6 billion impressions handled every year, across e-delivery, web portals, print and mail for many Fortune 100s

  • Security

    Minimize risk by leveraging the International Security Standard ISO 27001 and SOC-1

Our multichannel communication solutions

Customer Communications Management

Highly personalized and consistent communications across multiple channels utilizing a centralized platform to manage content and communications in an intuitive, easy to use toolset. Our web-based, end-to-end management system monitors every communication across the production process, providing real-time tracking, reporting and advanced workflow capabilities.

Digital Communication Services

Dynamic, digital composition to create variable and personalized omnichannel communications from multiple input services. Digital storage of all communications with comprehensive search and auditing features as well as presentment portal services. Output in multiple customer communication channels, e.g. mobile, web, email, SMS, print based on customer preference.

Print & Mail Communication Services

High-volume printing and mailing services, advanced technologies, high integrity processing, delivered through a network of secure and compliant facilities.

Interactive Engagement Services

Driving new levels of customer engagement with highly personalized and intuitive augmented reality self-guided experiences that improve accuracy and speed.