RightOpt® — Active Health Insurance Marketplace

Learn why improving the financial health of your employees — and your business — is critical to your success.

The top two issues facing US employers continue to be reducing health care costs and improving employee productivity. With that in mind, we created the RightOpt private health insurance marketplace solution for full-time active employees to reduce costs and empower members to improve their health. And we did it by taking on the big issues in health care supply and demand.

On the supply side, RightOpt applies the principles of competition and purchasing power to drive down costs, while retaining quality of care. We don’t simply shift costs to employees, but instead seek to fuel competition among providers and remove wasted dollars from an inefficient health care system. We keep costs down through:

  • Network optimization that ensures deep discounts and the greatest access to providers across the country
  • Broad PPO and high-performance networks to provide meaningful choice
  • Group purchasing that brings you significant savings with best-in-class vendors
  • Self-funded plans that let you maintain a cost-effective strategy
  • A fully integrated benefit delivery strategy to increase efficiency

And on the demand side, RightOpt engages members throughout the year on health-related decisions and encourages them to:

  • Choose the “best fit” coverage at enrollment
  • Learn to use their benefits effectively throughout the year
  • Improve their health over time for both better quality of life and fewer financial worries

Benefits for your full-time employees:

  • 24/7/365 access to personalized benefits and wellness information via mobile, Web or call center
  • Relevant information that’s personalized, including out-of-pocket cost estimators, cost and quality information, action lists and timely push messages
  • Convenience through single sign-on to RightOpt vendor partners and links to the most-used tools and resources, including telemedicine and advocacy services
  • Inspiration through wellness success stories and social networking
  • Motivation to make changes through incentive promotion and tracking

RightOpt Solutions

  • Full Time/Benefit-Eligible Active Employees
  • Part Time/Non-Benefit-Eligible Active Employees
  • Pre-65 Retirees
  • Medicare-Eligible Retirees

Insurance brokerage services are delivered through Conduent Securities, LLC. All insurance policies are underwritten and issued by various third party insurance companies, for which Conduent Securities, LLC (registered in certain states as Conduent Insurance Solutions), a licensed insurance agency, could act as an appointed producer, subject to applicable terms.