24/7 Nurse Triage

With our 24-hour Nurse First Response injury hotline, employees can speak to nurse within minutes of an injury.

The first 24 hours of a workplace injury have a huge impact on claim development.

When an accident occurs, immediate access to expert medical advice makes all the difference. Nurse First Response is our 24/7 injury triage service that provides immediate expertise from a registered nurse (RN) to accurately assess the severity of a workplace injury and recommend the best course of action.

Data-Driven Support

Each call provides safe and appropriate disposition of care using symptom-driven protocols as decision-support tools. The RN enhances claim outcomes by directing the caller to the right level of care with the right provider at the right time. Network penetration is improved by helping the caller find the closest in-network provider.

Conduent Injury Triage Workflow

Years of nurse triage experience and intelligent call management technology help our trained RN staff direct injured employees to the right level of care, at the right time, with the right provider. We work with you to create a customizable, branded service that can be implemented for specific injury types or particular jurisdictions.

Our proprietary 6-step process uses symptom-driven, clinical decision protocols to enable appropriate emergency department utilization, prevent unnecessary readmissions, and empower callers in self-care. As a result, our clients may see reductions in claims and claim costs, including lost time, as well as reduced litigation.

Better Outcomes Now
Last year our injury triage service delivered the following outcomes:

  • 34% average reduction in emergency room utilization
  • 84% of self-care recommendations were confirmed by follow-up
  • 53% of callers were directed to urgent care facilities for immediate care in place of emergency care