Nurse Case Management

Proactively guide claims to the best outcomes through active medical management.

One of the defining factors in maintaining control over a medical injury claim is knowing when to apply the right resources at the right time. A data-driven case management strategy delivered by experienced nurse case managers can positively impact the quality and cost of claims.

Every day of lost time on a workers compensation claim impacts the employer’s bottom line. Our approach combines early and aggressive medical intervention, along with medical bill review and managed care data virtualization and integration, to speed up recovery and return to work while controlling loss costs.

With a nurse case manager on the claim, disability claims can be shortened as much as 25% and claims closed an average of 18% faster.

Conduent works with you to formulate and implement a comprehensive set of nurse case management services. Our services include telephonic, field and catastrophic case management programs that can be seamlessly connected with our loss reporting, nurse triage and medical bill review services for an integrated managed care solution.