Injury Reporting & Intake Services (FROI/FNOL)

Client-branded 24/7 workplace injury and illness intake and reporting solutions for workers compensation claims management

You can't begin managing a workers' comp claim until you know about it.

Prompt reporting and assessment of work-related accidents or illnesses, no matter how minor, is always a best practice. Prompt reporting tells employees the employer cares about their health and well-being, and if the injury or illness require more than first aid, ensures they receive timely medical care. It standardizes the employer’s accident response and ensures that accurate incident details are collected for the claims process. And it enables the insurer or claim administrator to immediately begin their investigation, while the facts are fresh, which may decrease litigation.

Workers' compensation injury reporting service

Conduent’s integrated approach to workers’ compensation claims management includes a white-label service for accelerating the delivery of critical injury or illness details, claims data and the information required for state regulatory reporting.

Solution Features:

  • Employer-branded phone hotline

  • Site poster and wallet card

  • Client-customized intake scripts

  • 24/7/365 phone intake

  • Language translation services available

  • All calls are recorded

  • Call summary form
    for supervisors and adjusters

  • Reporting package
    for lag time and injury trend analysis

Accurate information intake and data sharing for filing the First Report of Injury

State requirements for reporting a work injury or work-related illness vary by state. Conduent simplifies the data collection and filing process for you. Our agents will gather the information required for the state in which the first report of injury (FROI) will be filed.

We ensure that all state-specific questions for the FROI are answered completely and clearly, and immediately after the intake call is completed, a summary of the call is provided and the first report of injury, if applicable, is faxed to the state.

Conduent’s work injury hotline and injury claim intake can be easily integrated with our 24/7 nurse triage and nurse case management services for better claims management.