Digital Mailroom Services

Conduent helps organizations transform their legacy mail operations, enabling a true digital enterprise


Is your mailroom set up for a remote workforce?

Conduent’s Digital Mailroom helps organizations digitize, streamline, and accelerate mail processing and delivery to recipients down the hall or around the globe while reducing costs and enhancing business agility and continuity. Leveraging our nationwide footprint of mail facilities we offer a comprehensive mail solution that can significantly reduce overhead costs and support enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Mailroom management essentials

Mailroom management involves overseeing all aspects of mailroom operations, including mail sorting, distribution, delivery, tracking, security, and compliance. Conduent’s effective mailroom management services ensures efficient processes, timely mail delivery, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and adherence to organizational policies.

Digital mailroom services refer to the digitization and automation of traditional mailroom operations. It involves using technologies and systems to scan, categorize and route incoming mail electronically.

How a digital mailroom works

Conduent’s Digital Mailroom incorporates advanced technology to automate manual mail processes and electronically route mail to recipients. You specify the business rules, delivery routes and receipt methods — and we take care of the rest. With over 30 years of business process experience in document management, we can help your business achieve its maximum potential.


Conduent Digital Mailroom

See how Conduent’s Digital Mailroom helps organizations digitize, streamline and accelerate mail processing and delivery to recipients down the hall or around the globe.

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Mail room automation

Mailroom automation solutions advantages

Even though a good portion of business is conducted digitally today, traditional mail remains a critical element of your operations. Conduent’s Digital Mailroom solution ensures every document or letter that passes through your offices receives the attention it deserves.

Digital mailroom automation can help modernize legacy mailrooms and make certain that every missive you receive is routed to the appropriate personnel as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is why our clients in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, transportation, telecom and other industries depend on our platform to streamline this often-overlooked aspect of their operations.

Digital mailroom fuels efficiency and collaboration

When you choose to take advantage of our digital mailroom services, you gain several benefits. First, converting hard copies to digital content automatically means that important correspondence should reach the intended recipients quickly and without the risk of items getting lost in the shuffle. Digitizing your mail also allows you to share information easily with other stakeholders, enabling greater collaboration even among remote workers and ensuring continuity even during disruptions.

Digital mailroom enables cost savings

You may also experience lower costs as you reduce your dependence on physical space, shipping and staffing. Plus, a digital mailroom also provides every department access to crucial information in an instant, making it easier to make the most informed decisions possible for the health of your business.

Unlocking efficiency: Digital mailroom benefits

The benefits of digital mailroom include improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, faster processing and delivery of mail, enhanced accuracy, better security and compliance and improved visibility and tracking of mail items.

Why Conduent Digital Mailroom?

  • More connected enterprise

    Accommodate single users and groups

  • Advance paper mail technology

    Custom workflows to automate business processes, feed data to multiple departments in real-time

  • Improved user experience

    Branded design, notifications, advanced search, and sort capability

  • Enhanced tracking and auditing

    Track every piece of mail down to the image level, comprehensive reporting, and auditing functions

  • Improve business agility and continuity

    Eliminate mail distribution lag-time during unforeseen shutdowns and increased remote working

  • Flexible delivery

    Receive, view, and manage mail in all-digital format, accessible from any device

Conduent Digital Mailroom

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Commonly asked questions

What does a digital mailroom do?

The purpose of a mailroom is to handle incoming and outgoing mail, packages, and shipments for an organization. It ensures that all mail is sorted, distributed and delivered correctly while maintaining security and efficiency.

What is mailroom automation?

Mailroom automation involves using technology such as document imaging, data capture software, workflow automation, and address recognition systems to streamline and automate mailroom processes, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

What is mailroom outsourcing?

Mailroom outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring an external service provider to handle mailroom operations on behalf of an organization. This can include mail sorting, scanning, data entry, routing, delivery, and other related tasks. Outsourcing mailroom services can provide cost savings, specialized expertise, scalability, efficiency and access to advanced technologies.

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