Transforming Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management

Bridging the Gap to Modernization

The way an organization communicates with its customers plays a significant role in the customer experience. For large enterprises such as retail banks; insurance companies; healthcare payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies; utilities and telecommunications providers that require a high volume of timely, frequent and often compliance-dependent communications, the effective orchestration of the customer journey is critical.

This eBook explores how organizations can bridge the gap to modernizing their customer communications management (CCM) capabilities without taking on costly, large-scale enterprise projects that often fail to deliver.

What’s inside?

  • Effective approaches for evaluating your current CCM solution and future “ideal state”
  • Tips for building your roadmap to the future considering technology, capability and economic benefit
  • 6 factors to consider when assessing CCM technologies and platforms
  • A look at how modern platforms make customized communications quick and easy