Strataware® Auto
Medical Bill Review

Driving high-performing claims processes with solutions designed for first-party medical auto carriers

Strataware® Auto Medical Bill Review

Medical bill review for
auto insurance carriers

Reports indicate that the number of miles driven are increasing and so are the number of medically consulted injuries. Be prepared with Conduent. Our Strataware platform ensures that every charge is compensable, appropriate to the motor vehicle incident and compliant with the latest state laws and statutes; while also confirming final payment recommendations accurately reflect deductibles, copays and policy limits.

Enhance your auto injury medical claims management with automated features

  • Automated policy coverage tracking

    Daily tracking of policy limit paid to date, deductible applied, and copay balance

  • Configurable, compliant EOR

    Client-configurable Explanation of Review displays policy reductions and compiles with New York State Form NF-10 requirements

  • Shield adjuster portal

    Single sign-on access to tools for fast, effective medical bill management, review of UR decisions and team workload management

  • Pathways dynamic rules engine

    Easily apply your specific rules for bill routing, review, and repricing to improve adjudication and exception handling

  • Shield provider portal

    Enables provider self-service to verify claim information and check the status of bills as they flow through adjudication and payment processes

  • SmartAudit tool

    Powerful bill auditing tool for internal quality control and reporting