RightOpt® — a digital health insurance marketplace

Learn how RightOpt, our digital health insurance marketplace, saves you money and helps your employees find the right care, at the right time, at the right cost.

We know companies and their HR managers look to health insurance marketplaces to provide high-value, affordable health insurance so they can attract talent and remain competitive. That’s why we created RightOpt, a digital health insurance marketplace that helps you save money and create a highly engaged, healthier workforce.

RightOpt offers you:

  • Immediate savings, yet retains self-funding and manages an optimized network of health, wellness and pharmacy partners on a continual basis.
  • High quality choices of healthcare providers tailored to your business.
  • Integrated industry-leading technology, services and benefits administration that are focused on future innovation.
  • Configurable platform options that are built around your culture and ensure successful execution and performance for your cost-sharing, wellbeing and communication strategies.
  • Advanced analytics that drive personalized and proactive messaging beyond annual enrollment and across digital and live channels.
  • Best in class solution partners that provide employee programs and decision-support tools for:
    • Annual enrollment
    • Employee assistance and guidance
    • Health and wellness
    • Lifestyle coaching
    • Medical care
    • Patient advocacy
    • Preventive care
    • Risk identification
    • Savings accounts

RightOpt is a unique benefit delivery solution that provides you expert plan engineering and day-to-day benefits management. With RightOpt, you also receive a wide range of consulting and support services in:

  • Account management
  • Audit
  • Communications
  • Data warehousing and analytics
  • Legislative updates
  • Personalized employee portal
  • Plan documentation support
  • Strategic, plan design, clinical and actuarial consulting
  • Transparency tools
  • Vendor partner management

To learn more about RightOpt, the digital health insurance marketplace for your employees and retirees, visit:

RightOpt Active Health Insurance Marketplace
RightOpt Retiree Health Insurance Marketplace