Eligibility & Enrollment – State Residents Self-Service Portal

Empowering constituents with a modern, collaborative platform that delivers a seamless health and human services experience

Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies today struggle on two fronts — efficiency and cost optimization. Evolving requirements for speed and transparency in benefit programs are driving agencies to modernize traditional enrollment and eligibility services using a digitized service delivery model, providing a seamless eligibility and enrollment experience.

According to the Center for Digital Government (CDG) research, to improve services, State government online services need to be:

Conduent offers HHS agencies a fully secure State Residents Self-Service Portal that serves as a centralized digital destination for constituents to learn about, enroll, manage and renew their benefits, submit documents, and communicate with agencies for programs such as Medicaid, SNAP and TANF from anywhere, anytime!

Constituent Features and Benefits

  • Single application portal – provides one integrated application submission for Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, and TANF programs using dynamic question logic to save time and enable a friendlier simpler application experience
  • Intelligent screeningallows applicants to answer a few simple questions to identify the programs for which they may qualify
  • Individualized customer experience self-service access to manage benefits, including change reporting, document submission, benefits renewal, and much more
  • Paperless, digitized experience quick and easy access to all documents at one place with the ability to upload and submit documents via desktop, tablet,  or smartphone to provide faster delivery of benefits
  • Timely benefits deliveryreduces application processing time with greater support availability, easy access to information related to benefits, and improved communication channels between the state and the constituents
  • Real-time and immediate responses – sends alerts and notifications related to missing information, benefits, support renewals, re-determinations, and other relevant state program information

Agency Features and Benefits

  • Omnichannel, multilingual and, mobile-enabled – Offers better consumer experience by allowing consumers to self-serve through their preferred channel of choice
  • Cost reduction – minimizes touchpoints, phone calls, mailing cost, and manual intervention, resulting in overall efficiency and control, through process standardization
  • Real-time analytics and dashboard reporting–monitors user behavior to predict user challenges, needs, and future demands, helping state agencies to better manage their programs and budgets
  • System agnostic platform – facilitates seamless integration to leverage investment in disparate eligibility systems to process data faster and more efficiently, so benefits are less likely to lapse
  • User Centered Design offers simple, intuitive user experience and easy navigation to applicants
  • Smart automation– simplifies workflows, reduces traditional paper-driven processes, and redeploys the state’s limited resources to mission-critical functions
  • High configurability– enables compliance with evolving state and federal requirements

Platform Capabilities

  • One platform to manage screening and application for Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, and TANF

  • Mobile-enabled, browser-agnostic Online satisfaction surveys, help, and support features in seven languages

  • Flexibility in functionality

  • Cost-effective

  • Secure

Key Insights