Intelligent Process Automation

Smart solutions to help accelerate your business processes

Unlock your agility with streamlined workflows and impactful insights

The way people work and communicate has permanently changed. Organizations must reengineer their business models to enable a more human-centric approach that meets the rapidly evolving expectations of employees and customers in real time. Our intelligent process automation solutions improve user experiences by enabling organizations to provide digital, personalized interactions that help people engage and get information quickly across devices and channels and at scale.


  • Improve your customer and employee experiences

  • Streamline and error-proof your processes

  • Create digital interactions that anticipate end-user needs

Our clients see an average 97% reduction in processing time through automation – transforming time-consuming tasks and enabling 24/7 availability for higher-quality engagement.

Reduce costs and increase output

Conduent’s intelligent process automation equips your business with a virtual workforce that can take over repeatable tasks and processes, freeing up your team to focus on your core mission and strategy. Our services use trained software robots to perform the same business processes as a human but at higher speeds and quality to reduce manual efforts and operational costs, which ultimately leads to higher overall output.

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities

  • Data Ingestion:

    Increase productivity and speed to market with machine learning and AI capabilities, handwritten automation and real-time reporting.

    ● Advanced Data Extraction
    ● Structured & Unstructured Data
    ● Data Classification
    ● AI & ML

  • Process Automation:

    Improve workflow efficiency with an automation platform that is simple, sustainable, scalable and secure.

    ● Business Rules & Data Verification
    ● Intelligent Workflows
    ● RPA Task Automation
    ● AI/ML

  • Data Analytics:

    Increase operational accuracy with end-to-end transaction profiling, trend analysis and forecasting using computational modeling.

    ● Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics ● Business Intelligence
    ● Business Process Insights
    ● Data Visualization

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