Institutional costs consume the biggest chunk of long-term care budgets. You can reduce their use with home- and community-based services (HCBS) for long-term care. But that won’t stop HCBS costs from growing at ever-increasing rates. What to do?

To manage long-term care services and HCBS programs efficiently, you need a partner who can simplify administration while providing a holistic view of your participants’ needs.

You’ll find that partner with Conduent. Our long-term care and HCBS solutions scale to meet any need, from establishing care and service plans to credentialing and making payments. By streamlining and integrating processes, we help you realize cost savings and administrative efficiencies, while improving your participants’ independence and quality of life.

Our long-term care solutions include:

  • Automated level-of-care assessments
  • Individual service plan development
  • Provider credentialing
  • Secure incident reporting systems
  • Standardized reporting tools and procedures
  • Fee schedule implementation, monitoring and automated reconciliation
  • Visit verification systems
  • LTC policy and program development