A blueprint for implementing business process automation within your organization

Research-backed insights on adopting automation

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Automation can reduce costs and errors while enhancing data security, accuracy, regulatory compliance, and customer and client satisfaction. But the path to optimizing processes is often harrowing and wrought with tension between the desire for better outcomes through automation and slow, convoluted implementation and training.

Conduent has completed an extensive collaborative research project to help enterprises better meet these challenges.

Our research, which is outlined in this eBook, reveals a tension between the desire for the outcomes that automation can provide, and the convoluted process of implementation and onboarding.

This eBook provides a deep dive into designing effective solutions, including:

  • How to identify desired outcomes
  • How to overcome common challenges of automation
  • How to onboard teams and organizations to automation solutions, including our 7 Steps to Outstanding Onboarding
  • How process optimization generates big results
  • How to evaluate and select a good automation partner


survey respondents from mid-market to enterprise-sized companies with at least one automated task in their job description
in-depth interviews with senior executives who have completed an automation project over the past 18 months