Patient Access Solutions

Improve access to treatment, accelerate speed to therapy, and promote adherence

We deliver mission-critical patient access solutions that leverage automation, guided workflows, real time payer connections and multi-channel engagement options that improve access to treatment, accelerate speed to therapy, and promote adherence.

From self-service to high-touch, our programs are designed to efficiently navigate reimbursement challenges and loop in agents when needed.


Hub Reimbursement Support and Patient Assistance Programs

Conduent has nearly 30 years of experience delivering hundreds of impactful patient access programs for countless patients requiring life-saving medications.​  Our capabilities in handling patient access and reimbursement services extends from the mundane to the most highly complex therapies.

We excel at navigating payer requirements and appropriate use, such that prior-authorization requests are typically approved in the first attempt.  Our care navigators and healthcare professionals provide a myriad of services including: scheduling, onboarding, care coordination, patient counseling, cost mitigation, ePA support, appeals support, bridge drug programs, adherence, education services, analytics and PAP. Our reimbursement support and patient assistance programs span all major therapeutic categories including oncology, rare and orphan diseases.

Conduent is a scale provider of HUB, Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) and institutional PAP programs, leveraging a deep bench of seasoned professionals including pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians and reimbursement specialists.


IntelliHealth Access is an intelligent, cloud-based, interactive workflow technology platform that supports key stakeholders across a patient’s treatment lifecycle. IntelliHealth utilizes a proprietary suite of automation capabilities that provide end-to-end automated assistance. Orchestration logic and robotic process automation operate seamlessly behind the scenes to accelerate patients from the point of enrollment to drug fulfillment.

Along each segment of the journey, IntelliHealth expertly loops in agents when needed, provisioning work streams, triggering digital payer connections, credit bureau connections, data aggregators, security validators and signaling physicians within their EHR ePrescribing workflows to deliver simple, powerful, individualized user experiences that move patient access forward.


Adherence, Compliance and Care Coordination

Many pharmaceutical and medical device products require complex, specialized communication and support programs. Patients need to understand how to adapt to the lifestyle changes of a disease state and new drug regimen. We excel at developing flexible, creative and comprehensive pharmaceutical information solutions through all phases of the product life cycle to improve loyalty, adherence and compliance.

  • We have represented pharmaceutical companies in conversations with hundreds of thousands of consumers, families and caregivers.
  • We understand the needs of each disease state and the value of providing accurate and convenient information in promoting usage and compliance.
  • We know how to listen and respond with clear, meaningful and personalized information.

Auditing Consultancy

Every organization has unique program and organizational objectives. When we work with you as a program audit administrator, we take a collaborative approach. Our program designers, field auditors, administrators, managers, and strategic leadership work together to ensure a thorough and successful audit of your patient access programs.

Our broad range of capabilities provides unprecedented visibility and control – enabling you to maintain standards that go beyond compliance to elevate service delivery within institutional settings and improve quality for patients.

Analytics and Insights

Our customized solutions provide near real-time insights with enhanced visualization to support better decision making. Our interactive dashboards provide users with the ability to retrieve summary or detailed information, and we can also enable self-service analytics as well as drill down capabilities through a user-friendly tool. Available reports and dashboards include an operational overview, SLA performance, KPI Trends, Geo-spatial analysis, reportable event, conversion rate, time to therapy by each step (Enrollment, BV/BI, PA, Triage, Shipment), gap days, compliance and persistency rates.

By leveraging AI-powered discovery and analytics, we can predict the risk probability of patients dropping off therapy so that specific proactive interventions can be designed to focus on those high-risk patients. We can also perform comprehensive prescriptive analytics to assess the factors driving adherence enabling data-based program changes and prescriptive recommendations to improve patient experience, adherence, and health outcomes.

Key Insights