Simple Digital Engagement in Pharma:

Staying Ahead of Patient Needs to Shape Better Outcomes

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At the 2021 Patient Assistance and Access Program (PAP) industry forum, Conduent’s, Jim Banigan, Director of Patient Access Services, presented with other industry leaders on programs and policies to achieve better patient outcomes. Jim shared some of the ways pharma can make patient engagement easier in an increasingly digital world.

Listen how simple, yet effective tools can create a better patient experience and improve application and refill effectiveness in this video replay from the PAP event:

Don’t miss Jim Banigan’s blog on key insights to drive better outcomes by deploying these simple strategies:

  • Create a better experience for modern patient needs
  • Proactive outreach is a powerful differentiator
  • Answer questions before they become calls
  • System-driven approach for a total patient view
  • Reduce touchpoints for greater operational efficiency
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