Conduent Severance Solution®

Generate savings for your business, while fulfilling your promise

When an organization faces the difficult decision of separating staff due to shifting goals, financial expectations, a major crisis like the COVID-19 epidemic or any other reason, it’s not easy for anyone. But an expertly constructed, tax advantaged severance solution can help organizations save money while delivering 100% of base pay during the severance period.

How it works

Through the use of a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan and Trust, organizations eliminate FICA taxes creating after-tax benefits for former employees while reducing tax liabilities for the employers resulting in:

  • More equitable benefits across the population
  • Reduced windfall payments
  • Up to 40% savings for organizations

Reduce your administrative burden and redirect resources

Conduent’s Severance Solution is a fully outsourced service that allows employers to redirect severance resources in higher value ways — from increasing COBRA subsidies and providing outplacement services to extending severance payments for those who remain unemployed. The bottom line is more cash on hand to fund mission-critical expenses.

Turnkey services make plan management easy

We combine the expertise of tax and legal consultants, benefit advisors, administrators, customer care representatives, and technology specialists who will work to create a solution specific to your organization’s needs. Count on our experience and technology to make difficult transitions easier.

  • Advisory Services

    Design and manage plan

  • Communications Programs

    Educate former employees

  • Implementation

    Coordinate with payroll and HRIS

  • Participant Support

    IVR, website and contact center

  • Compliance

    Support state and federal guidelines, including the CARES Act

  • Full Separation Administration

    End-to-end management of the separation and/or furlough process

Avoid double payments, and stop payments on time

Severance payments plus state unemployment benefits can result in former employees receiving up to 150% of base pay in some states. Through a SUB Plan, your severance payment obligation integrates with state unemployment insurance benefits so you can avoid double-paying former employees.

In addition, a SUB Plan provides proper coordination to reduce or stop payments when a former employee finds new employment or no longer needs salary replacement.

Key program advantages

  • Tax savings for employer and employee
  • Elimination of overpayments
  • Significant cash savings
  • Cash flow for new programs
  • Greater value to shareholders
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • More personalized support for former employees

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