BenePath® Self-Service Portal

Empowering constituents with modernized eligibility and enrollment experiences

Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies are undergoing major technology transformation from inflexible legacy operating models to modernized, digital systems.

Agencies are turning toward digitized service delivery models that provide increased automation, effective interoperability and data management, improved enrollment experiences, and enhanced security and reduced costs while ensuring compliance.

With a mission to achieve high-impact outcomes for the agencies and the constituents they serve, Conduent offers a fully secure State Constituents’ Self-Service Portal for easy online access to a personalized experience. The portal modernizes the constituent’s enrollment journey at every touchpoint. It serves as a centralized, 24/7 online destination for constituents to complete essential tasks, including:

  • Enroll, access and renew their benefits
  • Submit electronic documents
  • Communicate with agencies for programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, LIHEAP, and TANF

Conduent Self-Service Portal –
Modernizing the citizen experience

BenePath® Self-Service Portal

Constituent features and benefits

Individualized, omnichannel customer experience offers a single point of access through a personalized, multilingual dashboard to review program information, submit applications and renewals, manage benefits, report changes, and upload documents, 24/7 from any device

Intelligent screening allows applicants to answer a few simple questions to identify the programs for which they may qualify – a simplified way to check eligibility for health coverage, food benefits, and emergency cash assistance

One-stop portal for consolidated application provides a single integrated application for multiple programs, including Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, and TANF, reducing processing time and ensuring timely delivery of benefits

Paperless, digital communication consolidates digital access to all programmatic documents and the ability to submit documents via desktop, tablet, or smartphone to expedite the delivery of benefits

Real-time responses deliver text alerts and email notifications about benefits, renewals, incomplete information, and other relevant state program information without the need to contact a call center

Timely benefits delivery reduces application processing time with greater support, easy access to information, and improved communication channels between the state and constituents

BenePath® Self-Service Portal

Agency features and benefits

Comprehensive, omni-channel self-service solution offers user-centric design with functionality to migrate constituents to self-service, empowering them to apply for and manage benefits for all state programs 24/7 through their preferred device

Operational efficiency and cost reduction provide scalable, smart automation to optimize workflows and relieve costly in-person, phone, and paper-driven processes

Highly configurable solutions that go beyond conforming to a state’s style guide to provide a custom look, feel and functionality required to support Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, TANF, and LIHEAP programs, reducing technology costs and increasing compliance

Enhanced communication delivery provides a single trusted site for all educational materials and statewide program information, with real-time alerts and automated notifications

Actionable intelligence and dashboard reporting to better manage and analyze user activity and predict and scale to usage challenges and needs, helping agencies to better manage their programs and budget