Work-at-Home Solutions

Flexible work-at-home solutions that scale with the pace of business

Remote Work Environment - Illustration of a home office setup.

In today’s environment, demand for Work-at-Home solutions has increased exponentially — while nothing has changed about customers’ expectations to receive exceptional, human centric, omnichannel experiences, with zero business disruption. Is your CX Future Ready?

At Conduent, we understand the connection between employee experience and customer experience – and the tools, methodologies, and home working solutions that enable high-performance cultures, agility and savings.

“We want to set an example for all the vendors if they want more business, they have to do as Conduent does.” – High-Tech Client

“I just love helping people and it just makes it all worth it when it works out like it should.” – Conduent Service Professional D.H.

Work-at-Home solutions are in our DNA. For over 25 years, Conduent has hired, onboarded, and trained thousands of Work-at-Home associates online at a global scale — proving we can ramp up quickly anywhere, based on client demands.

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Explore gateways to optimizing work from home solutions

Good for business and good for employees too.  A work-at-home service and delivery model improves employee morale, work-life balance, and in most cases, leads to higher employee retention.