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Q: How will I be notified of version updates to WINASAP5010?

Each state has a different requirement for notification to its providers which include bulletins and mailings. However you will always be able to visit the website on the software updates page to see if a new version has been released.

Q: Can WINASAP5010 be utilized through a network?

A: No, WINASAP5010 is not designed to be used with a network.

Q: Why does WINASAP5010 require a modem?

A: WINASAP5010 requires a modem because it processes electronic medical claims through a dial-up electronic bulletin board (BBS) system.

Q: Are there plans to allow for other means of connection in the future?

A: There are no plans to develop other methods of connectivity for WINASAP5010.

Q: Can you adjust the sort type when you print reports (ex. Alphabetical)?

A: No, sort types may not be adjusted.

Q: How do I know if I need to test?

A: The WINASAP5010 software has been thoroughly tested by Conduent experts. For this reason, EDI does not require WINASAP5010 users to test.

Q: How do I test using WINASAP5010 to ensure my submissions went through successfully?

A: The WINASAP5010 software has been thoroughly tested by Conduent experts. For this reason, EDI does not require WINASAP5010 users to test.

Q: Can WINASAP5010 be used to submit to anyone else, or just Conduent?

A: WINASAP5010 is designed for submission to Conduent and its contracted health plans.

Q: If it is determined that a claim is errored by use of my 824 response, will I also be told why?

A: The WINASAP5010 software will only advise the user that an 824 has been issued and the claim is in error. For further clarification, the user will call the EDI Call Center. Please note, not all payers use the 824 response.

Q: Is the primary identification number in my trading partner data the same as my submitter ID?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I be able to use WINASAP5010 to retrieve my 835 remittance advice?

A: No. WINASAP5010 only allows you to retrieve the 997 and 824 transactions.

Q: Can WINASAP5010 be used to determine eligibility?

A: No.

Q: Are the standard codes available in WINASAP5010 or do they need to be manually keyed in prior to use?

A: All codes must be manually keyed or imported from earlier versions of WINASAP.WINASAP5010 does not have any codes resident in the software.

Q: What happens if I submit using WINASAP5010 prior to the “Go Live” date?

A: The Conduent EDI Gateway will not process any WINASAP5010 claims submitted prior to “go live.”

Q: What happens if I submit using WINASAP5010 post “Go Live?”

A: The Conduent EDI Gateway will process any WINASAP5010 claims submitted post “go live.”

Q: How do I get additional training for my staff?

A: Contact the EDI Commercial Support Team.

Q: Is Conduent available to provide training in my office?

A: Please contact the EDI Commercial Support Team for this type of inquiry.

Q: What do I do if am in the process of keying in a claim and I don’t have access to some of this new required information?

A: WINASAP5010 will not allow you to complete and send a transaction without the minimally required data.

Q: When accessing options available by use of a drop down box, where should I turn if I’m not sure which to choose?

A: Refer to your billing manual or call provider services, if you do call provider services make sure your question to them is in the form of a billing question.

Q: How often should I purge my database?

A: If the software is running slowly or you feel that you have too many claims stored it may be prudent to purge the database. However, it is a subjective decision. Data may be purged to a diskette for future access.

Q: What should I do if I am experiencing a delay, but I don’t want to purge my database because I might need that information in the future?

A: Data may be purged to a diskette for future access.

Q: When going through the submission process with WINASAP5010, do I still need to generate and transmit?

A: No, the generate functionality has been removed. WINASAP5010 just requires the user to complete and send the claims.

Q: Why does the software require me to choose a value for Patient Signature Source Code even though the field name is not underlined?

A: This field is situational. Depending on the value that is chosen for Release of Information Code it may become required. If the user chooses anything other than “No, Provider is not allowed to release data,” the software will require Patient Signature Source Code.

Q: I have been informed by the EDI Support Unit that my claims have rejected, but when I perform the “Receive Response File” step my claim status still reflects “Billed.” How do I correct my claims and resubmit?

A: You must copy and correct each claim to resubmit. See the WINASAP Claim Resubmission Guide (PDF, 61KB) for detailed instructions.