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Claims Payer List

To learn more about a specific payer’s submission requirements, plan and transaction types and enrollment instructions, select the appropriate payer below:

Gold Coast Health Plan

Approved Vendors

We work with vendors, billing agents and clearinghouses (VBCs) who have completed the applicable testing requirements and have been approved for electronic claim submission to EDI Direct for the individual payers we offer. Availability of approved VBCs varies by payer.

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Claims Gateway Companion Guides

EDI Direct Companion Guides were created for our trading partners to use in conjunction with the ANSI ASC X12N National Implementation Guide. These companion guides outline the procedures for engaging in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with EDI Direct and provide payer-specific data clarifications where applicable.

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Select Conduent customers may offer a free claim submission software program called WINASAP5010. This software replaces our previous offering, WINASAP2003, and supports ANSI X12N 837 transactions.