Eligibility Verification Services

With over 20 years’ experience providing electronic eligibility services, Conduent has fine-tuned eligibility service offerings and expanded payer connections to accommodate the needs of both individual healthcare providers and aggregators of healthcare data including clearinghouses and medical system vendors.

At EDI Direct, we offer multiple eligibility processing solutions including an interactive and batch eligibility file processing Web services that can connect with practice management systems and an interactive web-based monthly subscription product. All of our solutions provide timely, accurate eligibility data.

Mevsnet.com Suite

Developed for the healthcare provider community, Mevsnet.com is a web-based patient eligibility verification service that returns benefit information from over 700 Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance companies. Mevsnet.com allows you to submit single transactions or “interactive batches” composed of up to 10 inquiries. Responses are processed interactively and returned within seconds.

  • Multi-payer patient eligibility verification
  • No technical skills needed
  • Easy online form for data entry
  • Patient and provider lists that enable providers to batch process recipient eligibility and provider warrant inquiries
  • Claim Status Inquiry feature for select commercial and Medicaid payers
  • Inquiries are protected with the safest commercial encryption technology
  • Multiple monthly pricing plans to match transaction volume
  • Available 24/7


SpeedBatch is a Web-based application that allows you to upload large batches of X12 270s and retrieve large batches of X12 271s. Responses are usually available within twelve hours of Conduent EDI Gateway’s receipt of the batch, depending on the number of transactions in the batch.

  • Submit batches in numbers of just a few to thousands at a time
  • Decrease accounts receivable by collecting on retroactive eligibility
  • Eliminate redundancy by filtering duplicate records prior to submission
  • Integrate returned data into your practice management system
  • Create customized reports for analysis and data management
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase productivity

Contact us for more information and pricing for both Mevsnet.com and SpeedBatch.


The eGateway is an EDI eligibility gateway Web service with access to hundreds of payers including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers. eGateway supports X12N 270 file inquiries and returns X12N 271 responses through a variety of communication methods.

  • Real-time and batch available
  • Secure connection using FTP/HTTP over SSL protocol
  • Access controlled by authenticating users prior to processing transactions
  • X12 276/277 and X12 278 transactions supported for select payers. View/download the Eligibility and Claim Status Payer List (PDF, 390KB).

Our longevity in the eligibility processing arena has enabled us to build a reliable, cost-effective EDI-based medical eligibility verification system. Our solution is time-tested and our pricing is competitive. Contact us for more information on the eGateway solution.