Multichannel Communications

Reduce costs, drive efficiencies and create a seamless customer experience with end-to-end outbound customer communications management.

Complete solutions for creation, management and distribution of communications

On behalf of businesses and governments, we deliver highly personalized multichannel customer communication services through both emerging and traditional channels, enabled by the latest advances in automation and our highly secure global operations, to reduce costs and drive efficiencies while creating a seamless customer experience.

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  • 1B+ communications delivered annually

    Create, manage and distribute communications for many Fortune 100s

  • 50–75% cost reductions

    Transform traditional communication to digital interactions

  • Partner of top 5 of 6 US commercial banks

    Trusted partner of top US Banks to deliver customer communications

Our Solutions

Transactional print and fulfillment

High-volume printing and mailing services, advanced technologies, high integrity processing, delivered through a network of secure and compliant facilities.

Dynamic, digital composition

Create variable and personalized communications from multiple data/input sources.

Interactive content management

Intuitive, easy to use web-based toolset that allows business users to manage all communication templates in a single customer communications platform.

Command and control

A web-based, end-to-end management system monitoring every communication across the production process, providing real-time production tracking, reporting and advanced workflow capabilities.

Repository and presentment

Digital storage of all communications with comprehensive search and auditing features as well as presentment portal services.

Services integration

Integration with contact center, inbound, CRM, or Conduent / client systems providing real-time view.

Multichannel delivery

Output in multiple customer communication channels, e.g. print, mobile, web, email, SMS based on customer preference.

  • Optimize print & mail

    Lower processing costs, improve operational visibility, reduce postage spend

  • Drive migration to digital

    Communicate in customers preferred channel, eliminate print & processing costs, faster more reliable communications

  • Transform communications

    More personalized and relevant communications that build stronger customer relationships while reducing service costs due to confusion