Customer Technical Support Outsourcing

When it comes to Customer Technical Support Outsourcing, you have a tiny window in which to fix a customer issues before you risk losing them. We pride ourselves on a “first time right” approach to resolving technical support outsourcing queries, which saves costs and improves satisfaction.

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How? We optimize omnichannel provisions to minimize consumer effort and maximize cultural empathy. That sounds complicated, but the execution is pretty simple:

  • Product expertise comes first in all technical support outsourcing programs.
  • Agents become passionate users of client products for firsthand experience.
  • Easy availability of all products in best practice labs for immediate access and faster issue resolution.
  • Multichannel, global environments allow for technical support in customers’ preferred language and channel.

Technical Support Outsourcing Offerings

  • Technical and specialty support, troubleshooting, product updates
  • Tier I: Tech support, service dispatch
  • Tier II and III: Advanced tech support, onsite tech support
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Agent augmentation and automation through Machine Learning

Why Clients Choose Us

There are several things that set our Technical Support Outsourcing offerings apart from those of our competitors:

Multi-tiered technical support outsourcing

  • Real-time problem discovery and resolution—reduces “no defect found” call-outs and ensures maximum uptime.
  • Multilingual support across a wide variety of channels.

Technical knowledge bases that we help maintain and optimize

  • Machine learning-based tools augment agents’ performance and increase self-service.
  • Personalized service—for routine questions up through advanced technical support.

Predictive analysis

  • We’re constantly seeking enriched information for the next stages of the customer lifecycle to lower the risk of recurring technical issues.

Quantifiable Results for Technical Support Outsourcing

Our clients have experienced significant benefits using our Technical Support Outsourcingt offerings, including:

  • 25% increase in call deflection through web-based self-service. 20% reduction in returns with no fault found.
  • 30% increase in remote troubleshooting.