Retail and eCommerce

Experience & Loyalty Insights: A research-based review

New consumer and corporate CX insights for the retail and eCommerce sectors based on a partnership with Execs In The Know

Experience & Loyalty Insights: A research-based review

Recent economic shifts, the emergence of AI, and large-scale changes in both consumer habits and labor dynamics are driving CX leaders, brands, and their customers into uncharted territory while forcing new models of technology-driven, human-centric engagement.

“Experience & Loyalty Insights: A Research-Based Review — Retail & eCommerce”, a vertical-based research report developed in partnership with Execs In The Know takes a fresh approach by incorporating both consumer and corporate survey results while at the same time adding cross-industry context by drawing upon past CX research.

A few key insights include:

  • 76% of consumers indicate they are a “Loyalist” by having a favorite Retail/eCommerce brand
  • Regardless of loyalty status, most consumers feel the key to providing an exceptional customer experience is to “Provide consistent, high-quality experiences at every touchpoint”
  • Only 35% of consumer survey respondents said “Yes” when asked if Retail/eCommerce companies have a good understanding of which customer care solutions they like to use

Along with these and more than 100 other results, the report also contains valuable perspectives from CX leaders at leading Retail/eCommerce brands. Whether you operate in or out of the Retail/eCommerce space, this research can provide guidance on several topics critical to the success of your CX operations.