Voice of the Customer (VoC)

The Conduent VoC solution aggregates the comments, feedback and testimony of customers from a variety of channels into a single analytical platform, providing a 360-degree view of the customer experience.

Never before have so many channels existed for customers to express their opinions, feedback and requirements, either directly or indirectly to product and service providers. Listening to these VoC channels is key in the definition of a customer-centric strategy, enabling brands to shape their offerings around the needs and requirements of the market.

Provided as a managed service, the Conduent VoC solution utilizes machine learning and automated classification to process hundreds of thousands of unstructured text comments in a fraction of the time required to perform traditional manual analysis.

Voice of the customer data can be extracted from a variety of sources, including all popular social media platforms, moderated forums, CSAT comments and NPS records. This can also be combined with traditional VoC mechanisms, including Vox Pops, focus groups and survey data to provide a complete blended view of cross-channel customer opinion.

Intelligence is then analyzed and cross-referenced by Conduent industry specialists in order to identify common themes in customer requirement, sentiment, opinion or feedback. All findings are presented back alongside quantified actionable insights through interactive online dashboards. VoC services are available as a standalone managed service or as part of a broader 5 Phase Transformation Program.