Insight as a Service

Insight as a Service (IaaS), available through Conduent, provides a cost-effective managed-service solution for unlocking and extracting actionable insights from across the entire customer service ecosystem.

In today’s digitally diverse world, customer care has become a distributed responsibility, shared by multiple business units, spanning a variety of touchpoints. Customers will opt to navigate this ecosystem based upon their personal preferences, with some looking to embrace forums or social media, while others will follow self-service mechanisms (web or mobile) and a great many still preferring to engage with a live agent through email, chat or voice.

With each of these interactions there resides the opportunity to unearth meaningful and insightful business intelligence—intelligence that can be used to enhance products and services, bolster profitability or transform the customer experience.

Through a combination of on-site analytical studies, paired with the extraction of live data from digital and operational environments, Conduent analysts are able to build a detailed analytical view of your brand experience and operational performance.

As a remotely managed service, IaaS enables touchpoint assessments to be performed without the need to deploy consultants and analysts on-site—a practice that is often prohibitively costly. To support the onsite collation of data, Conduent provides purpose-built observation/analysis tools that can be quickly adopted and used by existing operational resources, without any requirement for analytical skills.

Once collated, this data is uploaded to the Conduent IaaS analytics platform, where the process of data mining and insight extraction can begin. The ultimate goal of the service is to provide detailed actionable insights, with quantified recommendations for business transformation. Insights are tied to clear business strategic objectives that are defined at the start of each IaaS iteration, thus determining the nature of the analytical work to be performed in that period.

Insights can be targeted at a range of business performance metrics, including (but not limited to): call avoidance, AHT, FCR, transfer reduction, churn reduction, CSAT, NPS, unit sales, conversions and returns avoidance. Actionable recommendations will vary in scale from minor changes to policy or behavior through to larger transformational projects involving process overhaul or technology deployment. The entire process can be conducted on either a quarterly or monthly basis, culminating with a live dashboard of actionable insights, each supported with business case illustrations and expert consultant commentary.