Care Lab

The Care Lab removes the uncertainty and risk that are often associated with the introduction of change within the customer care environment.

Today, most customer service providers will be embarking upon an omnichannel transformation journey. Transformation of any customer service environment often comes at great expense, with high levels of disruption prior to the realization of any expected benefit. Therefore, it is critical that the full impact of each significant change can be accurately forecast and incubated ahead of wholesale expense and enterprise-wide disruption.

Operating within a dedicated “ring fenced” area of the contact center, the Care Lab provides a low-risk environment within which new ideas can be tested, measured and proven, prior to an enterprise-wide roll-out.

Utilizing the Contact Center as an analytical base camp for customer service research and innovation, the Care Lab team can incubate and prove a variety of change initiatives spanning all customer service touchpoint mechanisms (web, retail/ branch/showroom, mobile device apps, social media and the contact center itself).

Ranging from simple changes to process, behavior or policy to more disruptive and costly technology deployments, the Care Lab can test a variety of change initiatives, providing an analytical preview of business performance following broader enterprise roll-out.