OmniChannel Communication

Intelligently progresses consumers throughout their ongoing journey with your brand. From onboarding to transacting to renewing, we make sure you meet consumers where they are with a seamless experience — delivering more digitally powered communications.

OmniChannel Communication from Conduent

In an integrated omnichannel world, enterprises will have more meaningful conversations with their clients — fueled by AI, automation, advanced analytics, connected technology platforms, voice-activated devices and highly personalized journeys.

Conduent’s OmniChannel Communication services enable our clients to have high value interactions with their customers or constituents across both digital and human channels, creating a seamless experience.

Our solutions span three key areas:

Data and Documentation Management

Our powerful Digital Documentation Services scan, index, manage and store documents and data embedded in both physical and digital formats.

Customer Engagement

Optimize traditional communications delivery, drive migration to e-delivery, transform and individualize communications, and integrate communication channels to a create seamless experience.

Assessment and Insights

In-depth analysis of operational performance and customer experience through a focused assessment at every customer service touch point.

We make customer experiences:

More immediate – Electronically extracting hard-copy information for real-time digital availability, automatically detecting customer document errors and sending customer text alerts.

More individualized – Actively tracking and managing customer preferences to tailor and personalize communications and accelerate migration from print to digital.

More intelligent – Applying analytics to support predictive modeling, behavioral segmentation and more effective cross- and up-selling.

Our clients can achieve:

  • 15-35% cost savings when we take on their existing print and mail operations.
  • 50-75% cost savings when we help them transform print and mail communications into digital customer interactions.
  • 30% reduction in call center inquiries through more individualized and intelligent customer interactions, delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

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