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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

Removing barriers through outreach

“Sincerity, compassion and honesty can be discerned very well over the phone,” says Agent Sandra P. Discover how she helps callers take charge of their healthcare journeys with an authentic, personalized approach that builds trust. By focusing on one member interaction at a time with empathy, she guides callers towards their next best action.

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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

Treating members like family

“I can help you” is a powerful statement in any language. An important goal for every call is to create a positive experience for members on behalf of the health plan. Learn key phrases and conversational tactics that lead to lasting relationships from Agent Marissa C. who uses other languages to help callers feel more comfortable as part of Conduent’s first bilingual team.

Meet Marissa:
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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

Building rapport with agents and members

Call scripts can be helpful guides, but to build genuine rapport, agents need to be empowered to improvise. As a team lead, hear how Agent Don P. ensures his staff get enough breaks between calls to recharge. When agents can start each call fresh, they are better equipped to find common ground with the caller and create consistently positive outcomes.

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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

A gentle reminder to take care of health

Agents like Lakshmi K. frequently encounter callers who don’t see the need for screenings. That’s where a mix of open-ended listening and a gentle, but authoritative and informational approach can help. Many callers just need a simple reminder that a minor condition today can become more difficult to treat and live with tomorrow. Learn how our agents strike the right balance.

Meet Lakshmi:
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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

Helping Members help themselves with a Smile

Each call presents three opportunities: Helping a caller, leaving a positive impression, and perhaps most importantly, providing hope. What may seem like lofty ambitions are a daily reality for many outreach agents. Explore how Agent Mary Beth K. channels a proactive, positive attitude during every call to help encourage members to get the care they need and leave them feeling optimistic.

Meet Mary Beth:
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Enhance Member Engagement with Expert Agent Outreach

Listening to ensure members feel understood

Active listening makes any call go smoother. Some callers may feel agitated, angry or embarrassed about their healthcare needs. If an agent isn’t giving their full attention or is worrying about call times, they may not notice key details. Learn how Agent Laura B. takes her time to read between the lines and pick up on subtle cues from callers, helping them feel more at ease with each interaction.

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