Consumer Health Solutions

When a consumer reaches out to a pharmaceutical manufacturer, it is a critical moment – a defining moment. Whether he or she has a question, feedback, queries about usage, complaints or praise, the interaction must be handled appropriately so that customer can be gained, not lost, for life. We’ll help you engage your customers via their preferred method, whether that’s chat, email, social media or a phone call.

No other generation of health care consumers has been as informed or as selective with its purchasing decisions. Today’s consumers have the power to choose, recommend or abandon brands based on their experience with either a single product or the company that produces it.

Consumers demand more from the companies they do business with. They expect:

  • Ease of access to product safety, usage and ingredient information
  • Convenient ways to get answers and provide feedback about products
  • High levels of customer service and first-call resolution
  • Companies to stand behind their products

We believe that every interaction and pharma communication has the capability to take your customer from simply being aware of your product to becoming an advocate for your product.

When you partner with Conduent, you’ll find that we treat your brand with as much respect as you do. We immerse ourselves in your brand, serving as a seamless extension of your organization. We communicate your corporate culture and identity to your customers through experienced brand representatives trained and ready to handle complex customer interactions positively, effectively and within regulatory guidelines.

Our Consumer Health Solutions include:

  • Relationship Management
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Customer Information Lines
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Crisis Communication
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Product Quality and Complaint Reporting