Maven Refugee and Immigrant Health Registry and Case Management

The Maven Refugee and Immigrant Health solution includes case management, workflow and rules assessment features to monitor and control communicable diseases among refugees and newly arrived immigrants.

Our solution provides tools to proactively address the general health status of a jurisdiction’s immigrant and refugee populations, including tracking identified individuals with tuberculosis or incomplete immunizations, and allows electronic reporting by providers and facilities. Through Maven, the same platform can support refugee and immigrant health programs and other public health programs—resulting in reduced maintenance costs through system consolidation.

Maven enables the capture of diagnostic tests, demographics, procedures, and follow-up activity. Additional data elements can be easily captured with Maven’s configurable data collection, accessible through staff and provider portals. Maven has a configurable workflow module that allows flexible case routing, triaging and follow-up. With its built-in rule engine, Maven can automatically assess new information and allow Refugee and Immigrant Health programs to visually change rules as needed. Standards oriented interoperability over XML and Web-Services enable Maven to easily interact with existing systems.