Maven Birth Defects Registry, Newborn Screening and Early Intervention Case Management

Maven-enabled Birth Defects, Newborn Screening and Early Intervention System increases efficiency in providing accurate and timely intervention in birth defects, developmental disabilities, genetic screening, hearing screening and lead screening programs, used to keep track of children’s health attributes.

Through flexible data collection, rich network analysis and visualization, public health professionals can quickly and efficiently follow up on cases, report on general trends and transmit data to national registries. Maven is suited for tracking and reporting on birth defects, childhood lead exposures, hearing screenings and audiometric testing with the capabilities to integrate with birth and death registries—creating data and workflow linkages that are unavailable from many other solutions.

The Birth Defects Registry and Newborn Screening Solution may be configured for active surveillance, passive surveillance or a hybrid, depending on the goals of the program and funding requirements. Coupled with geographical information system and data visualization capabilities, the Maven Birth Defects Registry and Newborn Screening Solution provides mapping and visualization of patterns to quickly identify problem areas or clusters. The configurable nature of our solution allows for the addition of newborn screening conditions and new data requirements within minutes, without any programming involvement. This immediate flexibility dramatically reduces the total cost of the solution.

Maven-enabled Early Hearing Detection and Intervention System enhances input and analysis processes for screening, audiological diagnostic evaluation, early intervention, medical home, reporting, tracking, surveillance, loss to follow-up issues, data integration and other related surveillance procedures. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs rely on integrated, comprehensive data to design program procedures, access progress, and make decisions. Maven offers state and local health officials deep surveillance and tracking capabilities along with a powerful deduplication model, which detects and prevents duplicates through advanced pattern matching.

Key features of the Maven-integrated system:

  • Electronic workflows to map business processes
  • Triage data for follow-up and decision support
  • Adaptable data fields for configurable data needs
  • Yield reports to support operational, management and policy evaluation and decision
  • Holistic view of individual children’s health attributes
  • Secure and encrypted communication modalities between staff and providers
  • Secure and encrypted health messaging with laboratories, medical record systems and health information exchange