Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies strive daily to keep up with evolving social service demands. They need modern, consumer-driven solutions, along with expert guidance and support to overcome their most daunting service delivery challenges.

To help those in need move from overwhelmed to informed and in control, Conduent assists social services agencies in improving every constituent experience, digitizing formerly manual processes and delivering modern, comprehensive eligibility and enrollment solutions.

Our new BenePath suite can help you transform the delivery of services with a seamless, one-stop eligibility and enrollment platform designed to integrate back office customer relationship management (CRM) with front office contact center operations, to better serve your constituents and achieve federal, state and local regulatory compliance.

Integrated and modular digital platform for health and human services

Traditionally siloed social services and fragmented, manual processes that are not human-centered inevitably fail to deliver timely services to those in need. Government agencies recognize the need to make every constituent interaction better. Our BenePath suite offers a comprehensive, integrated customer service solution that consists of two products, our Self-Service Portal and Eligibility and Enrollment Platform. Using our suite, agencies gain seamless, one-stop eligibility and enrollment capable of integrating across all available platforms. Because our suite is modular and configurable, we can partner with agencies to help streamline your state’s health and human services ecosystem, modernizing service delivery, adding momentum to your mission, and improving program outcomes.

The Conduent BenePath suite offers:

  • Proactive, personalized communication

    applicants gain the ability to specify a preferred communications method, whether it’s email, phone, letter or SMS/text. And they can receive updates on-demand, rather than waiting for a response by mail, or calling agency offices for status updates.

  • One-touch constituent query resolution

    using a constituent-centered platform with robust customer relationship management (CRM), case management and workflow management capabilities gives agency personnel a 360-degree view of each person requesting assistance. Real-time integration with state systems and a visual display of each individual’s journey timeline helps agents quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively address concerns, resolving most constituent queries in a single call.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    reduces turnaround time, expedites access to benefits, and enhances regulatory compliance. Our cloud-based solution suite can help you to anticipate constituent needs and streamline interactions with contact center representatives through intelligent, guided workflow assistance.

Why partner with Conduent

  • 50 years

    of healthcare industry experience

  • 25,000+

    skilled contact center specialists

  • 1,300+

    combined years of government services and systems expertise

  • 69M

    contact center interactions annually

  • 1.2M

    Medicaid applications processed each year

  • 8.8M

    current health and human services recipients