Constituent-Centric Care: Modernizing Health and Human Services Delivery

With the right enrollment and self-service solutions in place, HHS agencies can overcome their most daunting modernization challenges. Pushing digital transformation forward will help states improve crucial access to enrollment and benefits programs, to better serve individuals and families, even during periods of high demand and operational strain.

In this issue brief you will gain valuable insights to address crucial HHS modernization questions such as:

  • Why unify the eligibility and enrollment experience?
  • How does a self-service portal streamline and improve services management?
  • How does integration speed modernization?
  • What will power the future of health and human services delivery?

BenePath™ suite

Transform the delivery of services with a seamless, one-stop eligibility and enrollment platform designed to integrate back office customer relationship management (CRM) with front office contact center operations, to better serve your constituents and achieve federal, state and local regulatory compliance.

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